What is the importance of time in everybody life?

Importance of time

Importance of Time

Everything in our life is time-bound, yet time is not valued by humans the way it should have been! Things happen at the right time, is not just a philosophical phrase, we should read and let go. Think of a situation, wherein we get everything without working for it, will you know it’s importance, will you hold pride in the money or success you earned! Things happen to those who make the most of their time and this is not just a writing thing, implement it, and see how things change for you. Technically speaking one day has 24 hours, time is the same for everybody but still, we find some people who feel lethargic at the end of the end because they used their time productively whereas others just counted every minute in the clock and waited for it to pass soon. The importance of time can vary from one individual to another. The objective of time, the meaning of life is different for every day, and hence their reasons to understand the importance of time also vary. But here are some of the universal reasons pointing towards the importance of time and why it should not be wasted.


Reasons pointing out the Importance of Time

You barely have time to waste, unexpected moments are the ones that help us realize the importance of time.

1. Unexpectedness is a key trait of life

You never have imagined a situation and boom, it is here. Now whether you deal with it gracefully or you crib about it enough to break you into pieces.  We usually say time is precious and it is correlated with the unexpectedness of life. You never know if the next moment you will live or not, if things happen the way they should have been then what is the point of cribbing about life and wasting the moments which can, either way, be used to do something that matters to us. Pain is inevitable, sadness, hurt all exists and no matter how hard you try, you will encounter these feelings. It is important to feel these emotions too but for how long, it depends totally on us! One of the biggest reasons pointing out the Importance of Time is its unexpectedness. Cry over it, and then smile towards the morning waiting with opportunities to shower your ways with blessings. Remember to trust the timing of your life and learn to make the most of the situations. Smiling and discovering the roads of happiness should be your only comebacks to the harsh unexpected moments that throw your way.


2. This shall too pass

If you are going through something which is too hard on you and your mental health, this line is for you. This shall too pass. One of the biggest key marks of the importance of time is how it passes and how it heals things that create wounds. If your good times are temporary, how can you expect your bad times to be? Breathe and remind yourself, you are stronger than your negative thoughts and situations and time pass like it always does.


3. Make the most of every situation because time isn’t coming back

Remember how our parents used to rant all day and tell us not to waste time? And we still somehow thought we had enough time in our hands, but when we had to complete all the syllabus in one night, sweat dripped down our foreheads and panic generated. Everybody has 24 hours in their hand but it depends on us, how we make the most of it. Opportunities come to everybody but who grabs it and makes the most of it, Wins.  Here is one of the most common yet non-understandable features of the Importance of time. Time never comes back, once it passes then there is no coming back!


4. Time divided into past, present, and future 

All of us are aware of the past, present, and future tense. Now apply these tenses in your real life and we will have the next trademark of the Importance of time. Yes! Past affects your mood, it plays with your emotions and hampers the way you think. Now read the point above this. Make the most of every situation because time isn’t coming back. What has happened in the past cannot be changed and now there is no point regretting. Also, there is no point in thinking about the future because it is as unpredictable and unexpected as our lives. So, what can we do? Simple, LIVE IN THE PRESENT. Make the most of your present, to witness a shining future, and hide the darkness of the past. All that matters is the moment you are currently in and consider this either the importance of time or it’s beauty. Forget what happened, don’t think about what will happen, make it happen right now!


5. Breaks are a part of the importance of time

Life can be beautiful if you make it one! I might have said about the unexpectedness of time and how you should make the most of it. Here is pro time, when you feel the vessel is overloaded, just take a break from everything. Run from reality for a few days, live those moments the way you want to. Do everything you have written on your list (the list we all make, things to be done in life). Make it worth the while because again life is extremely unexpected and this is the beauty/ importance of time. Use your time in a way that you gain utter satisfaction out of it! Even if you do nothing in a day and still smile and be proud of it, you made the most of it. Breaks to come back with a spark also counts in the importance of time.  You never know what is waiting for you on the way, whatever is bothering you can wait or doesn’t matter, what matters is all the small moments you crave to live for. Here they are and this is your time. LIVE IT.

These were some of the factors which can make you realize why and how time is important. So get off your bed and do what you have been dying to do or what you have marked for the day!











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